Canceled and Free

Ignored and alone, my heart felt like stone In a world that’s so cruel, my spirit felt like a fool Society’s judgment, a heavy weight to bear, my dreams no longer there. Time passed on. My heart began to mend. I found a new strength, a glimmer of hope. There was a chance to startContinue reading “Canceled and Free”

The Bubble ⁣

Puzzle pieces scattered everywhere ⁣Feeling alone in the horde ⁣Tormenting sentimentsFear⁣⁣Carrying the weight of information ⁣The eyes and fingers hurt⁣Sick and tired⁣Confused⁣⁣Body parts suffering in pain⁣From far before and now ⁣Don’t come closer⁣Protection⁣⁣Each holds the solution ⁣The bind for the other⁣But the anticipation ⁣Judgment ⁣⁣The mirror causes pain with reflections⁣Why so incomplete within⁣Something is missingContinue reading “The Bubble ⁣”

My New Friend: Minha Nova Amiga

Hi there, My name is Edna Freeman. I worked as a nanny for over 15 years, and recently I wrote a Children’s book about meeting a nanny. Meeting “new friends” can be hard for our little ones. This is especially difficult when Mommy and Daddy have to leave them in the care of this “newContinue reading “My New Friend: Minha Nova Amiga”