Visual Arts + Poetry

The Bubble ⁣

Puzzle pieces scattered everywhere ⁣
Feeling alone in the horde ⁣
Tormenting sentiments

Carrying the weight of information ⁣
The eyes and fingers hurt⁣
Sick and tired⁣

Body parts suffering in pain⁣
From far before and now ⁣
Don’t come closer⁣

Each holds the solution ⁣
The bind for the other⁣
But the anticipation ⁣
Judgment ⁣

The mirror causes pain with reflections⁣
Why so incomplete within⁣
Something is missing ⁣
Unsatisfied ⁣
What if the pieces unite in blasting hastily ⁣
Why is there no completeness
Honoring differences⁣

Vicious gain power with lies⁣
Halving the pieces⁣
Keep in fakeness⁣

The power constantly overlooked ⁣
Walls were built around each ⁣
Together only in concept ⁣
Yet in private bubbles⁣
Feeling incomplete ⁣
Expires ⁣

– Edna Freeman⁣

Screen Troops

Cry out loud for the crowd
Thy realness craves calm
Say and do what is told
Hiding the gold
Looking like a marching troop
Creating loops in the mirror
Don’t know the reflection
Unattainable perfection
Believing the lie
The troops die

– Edna Freeman⁣

Free by Edna Freeman

Ignored and alone, my heart felt like stone In a world that’s so cruel, my spirit felt like a fool Society’s judgment, a heavy weight to bear, my dreams no longer there.

Time passed on. My heart began to mend. I found a new strength, a glimmer of hope. There was a chance to start anew and to find my voice to be true to myself and who.

I found peace in the silence and strength in my skin. I let go of the past and let the future begin.

New opportunities came when I least expected them. I took a leap of faith, and my life did ascend.

The opinions of the storms do not define me. So let them cancel; let them cast aside. I stand tall and proud. It’s not about what they say. It’s about who I am and the person I choose to be today.

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