Visual Arts + Poetry

Montage of people ignoring each other and living in bubbles by Edna Freeman

The Bubble ⁣

Puzzle pieces scattered everywhere ⁣
Feeling alone in the horde ⁣
Tormenting sentiments

Carrying the weight of information ⁣
The eyes and fingers hurt⁣
Sick and tired⁣

Body parts suffering in pain⁣
From far before and now ⁣
Don’t come closer⁣

Each holds the solution ⁣
The bind for the other⁣
But the anticipation ⁣
Judgment ⁣

The mirror causes pain with reflections⁣
Why so incomplete within⁣
Something is missing ⁣
Unsatisfied ⁣
What if the pieces unite in blasting hastily ⁣
Why is there no completeness
Honoring differences⁣

Vicious gain power with lies⁣
Halving the pieces⁣
Keep in fakeness⁣

The power constantly overlooked ⁣
Walls were built around each ⁣
Together only in concept ⁣
Yet in private bubbles⁣
Feeling incomplete ⁣
Expires ⁣

– Edna Freeman⁣

collage of women doing social media by Edna Freeman

Screen Troops

Cry out loud for the crowd
Thy realness craves calm
Say and do what is told
Hiding the gold
Looking like a marching troop
Creating loops in the mirror
Don’t know the reflection
Unattainable perfection
Believing the lie
The troops die

– Edna Freeman⁣

paint of a woman sitting from behind by Edna Freeman

Canceled and Free

Ignored and alone, my heart felt like a stone In a world that’s so cruel, my spirit felt like a fool Society’s judgment, a heavy weight to bear, and my dreams no longer there.

Time passed on. My heart began to mend. I found a new strength, a glimmer of hope. There was a chance to start anew and to find my voice to be true to myself and who.

I found peace in the silence and strength in my skin. I let go of the past and let the future begin.

New opportunities came when I least expected them. I took a leap of faith, and my life did ascend.

The opinions of the storms do not define me. So let them cancel; let them cast aside. I stand tall and proud. It’s not about what they say. It’s about who I am and the person I choose to be today.

Rescued by His hands

In darkness I once did roam
evil had me as its own
But love came to me so divinely even before I was born

I am His, and He called me.
He saved me from the grip of night
He rescued me with all his might and patience

He led me to the light teaching me to be better every night
His love, so strong, so pure and true
Gave his son to save me, yes it’s true

I am free now, no longer alone I know how loved I am
I have grown

The love of God, it shines so brightly
It guides me through the darkest night
I am grateful for his saving grace

Now I live with a smile on my face

Edna Freeman

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