The Way Out

In childhood’s grasp, a soul confined, Freedom’s light, impossible to find, The specter of shadows never far, Nightmares within and constant scar.

Pushed beyond what one could bear, Yet resilience found a foothold there, Through sins and weaknesses laid bare, Growth and wisdom took root with care.

Isolation, a pit so deep, Nightmares within that wouldn’t sleep, Others tried to offer aid, Yet mercy was blocked, progress stayed.

But the Divine never abandoned, A path emerged, beyond all imaginings, A shelter, a Lord, a Savior sent, To pay the price, a gift so heaven-sent.

Her children belong to the Almighty, YHWH, Abba, most High and Mighty, The name of Yeshua, a love divine, The Holy Spirit, comforting and guiding.

Fearless, a soul stands with might, Guided by faith and unerring light, No longer trapped, no longer confined, Eternal peace, a gift so kind.

– Edna Freeman

Freedom by Edna Freeman

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