The Heart of Stone: Beware the one with a heart of stone

In a world of power and control,
Where the weather bends to their will,
Innocent minds they try to shape and control,
To keep lonely chill.

Trusting no one, to stand alone,
Deceiving all with ease,
Twisting truth into a bone,
For the pleasure it brings to them.
They crave for more, no they want it all.

Their greed knows no end,
Mocking what is good, and making a call,
To sell the evil as a friend.
But deep inside, a void remains,
A longing for something true,
Money and power, endless gains,
Cannot fill it, they knew.

They see through their window, purity and love,
But they can’t seem to grasp,
A life beyond the push and shove,
That fills their every task.

The puppet master pulls the strings,
Wishing to see us fall,
But love and truth are the only things,
That can save us from it all.

There’s a truth we cannot ignore,
The world is crumbling at the core.
Due to greed and selfish desire,
The beauty of nature fades away,
Consumed by the flames of fire.

We’ve lost touch with what truly matters,
Our hearts consumed by the lust for more,
We’re blinded by the glitz and glamour,
And forget what we’re fighting for.

Beware the one with a heart of stone,
Whose eyes are cold and calculating,
For they will charm you with their tone,
And leave you in a world so devastating.

They wear a mask, a perfect guise,
Of beauty, wealth, and fame,
And many are fooled by their clever lies,
And fall prey to their twisted game.

They live a life of luxury and ease,
With everything they could ever desire,
But beneath the surface, there lies disease,
A soul consumed by fire.

Their love of wealth and consumerism,
Has left the planet in disarray,
And as the love of many grows colder,
They ignore the toll it takes every day.

They destroy the planet, the environment,
And the lives of the poor and weak,
For their greed knows no bounds,
And they care not for those who suffer and seek.

So don’t be fooled by the glitz and glam,
Or the promises of what could be,
For the one with the heart of stone,
Is not who they seem to be.

Choose your path with care and love,
And stand up for what is right.
Their words may be honeyed and sweet,
Their actions a guise of care,
But beneath the surface, there lies deceit,
And a heart that’s dark and bare.

They’ll promise you the world and more,
With riches and fame to spare,
But it’s all a lie, an empty core,
And you’ll be left with a heart beyond repair.

So heed the warning, my dear friend,
So beware of the one with a heart of stone,
and seek the truth that’s real.

– Edna Cristina Freeman

The Heart of Stone: Beware the one with a heart of stone

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